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Being: Me - From The Beginning

Let's go back to the beginning: A little over a year ago, I sat down in a conference room and proposed this idea for a brand that I had called " Being: Me ". I had no clue how to go about making it happen, but I was so passionate about creating a platform for young people to feel like they can be brave in their faith that I was determined to make it happen. Fast forward one year and I can't even express how excited I am to see how Being: Me has been brought to life. There are so many times in life when we dream and envision certain things for ourselves, but it's figuring out how to take the next step that will help us turn those dreams into reality. I'll be the first one to admit that finding the next step in some moments seems nearly impossible. I feel as if my brain is running in circles trying to find a door to open to accomplish the next thing, but I can't quite figure out which door to take. Going through times like these are how I learne

Being : Super Woman - A Mother's Love

Every year we are given one day to celebrate the person who brought us into this world. If you ask me, we need about 364 more of these days. With every year that passes, Mother’s Day means so much more to me because I continue to understand how much my mother has been through and everything she has done for my family. The purpose of this blog post is to appreciate all of our mothers, but I especially want to give a shout out to my number one fan and biggest supporter.   My mom has been my best friend for (almost!) 25 years. I know it sounds cliché, but for me, there isn’t a truer statement. She knows me better than anyone and has guided me through the many ups and downs in my life. I wanted to share a little bit of our story with you all as Mother’s Day comes around again. So, let’s start from the beginning.   My mom has always had a full time job of raising me, along with my older brother and sister. From the day I can remember, she would wake up hours before us, mak

Being: Hannah Emerson - Searching For Your Satisfaction

Enjoy a guest blog entry from my dear friend, Hannah Emerson :  A little bit of my story: I grew up in the faith and accepted Christ as a small child. I always loved the Lord, but I never knew how to make my faith my own. I saw a genuine faith in my parents throughout my childhood, especially my father, and always knew that being a Christian carried a lot more weight than just salvation. But throughout high school, I had some negative experiences with youth group that began to sour my impression of the church and took some college level courses that caused me to question a lot of what I believed. Was there really a God? Did He really create everything? Could there be only one road to heaven? I have always been an optimist with an analytical side, and it scared me to question everything I had grown up knowing. Fast forward a bit, and I ended up foregoing the college I had committed to study musical theatre at in Nashville to move to Los An