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Being: Worried - Having Faith in What We Can't See

Happy Sunday Being: Me readers!
I am so excited to be back and writing again to you all. This week has been exciting in some ways and also overwhelming in others. I had planned on writing a post all about how Victor and I met, how he proposed, and how God has shown His faithfulness in ways we never knew were possible this past year - but God placed something different on my heart this morning and I am going to run with it. (Yes, I'll still be posting all about Victor and our story - it's just going to be a little delayed.) 
It is time for me to admit one of my biggest struggles in life that always has some type of hold on me, preventing me from living out my life to the fullest, the way God has intended us to live. That struggle? 
Can anyone else relate? 
"Worry" is described as a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems. Yes, I know you know what the word worry means, but sometimes it's easier to understand when we let Webster'…

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