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Being: Hannah Emerson - Searching For Your Satisfaction

Enjoy a guest blog entry from my dear friend, Hannah Emerson :  A little bit of my story: I grew up in the faith and accepted Christ as a small child. I always loved the Lord, but I never knew how to make my faith my own. I saw a genuine faith in my parents throughout my childhood, especially my father, and always knew that being a Christian carried a lot more weight than just salvation. But throughout high school, I had some negative experiences with youth group that began to sour my impression of the church and took some college level courses that caused me to question a lot of what I believed. Was there really a God? Did He really create everything? Could there be only one road to heaven? I have always been an optimist with an analytical side, and it scared me to question everything I had grown up knowing. Fast forward a bit, and I ended up foregoing the college I had committed to study musical theatre at in Nashville to move to Los An